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Pure Vermont Maple Syrup - 1/2 Pint

Vermont Maple Syrup
Vermont Maple SyrupVTSugar&Spice-Pure Vermont Maple Syrup
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ALL  Vermont Maple Syrup is of equal quality, sugar content, and density (thickness).  
The only difference is color and flavor. 

The best grade of syrup to buy is the one the YOU like the best!


  Important Note regarding Maple Syrup Containers  

   Due to Manufacturing Supply Issues  – we have been forced to use Generic Plastic Containers for our VT Maple Syrup.    We will resume use of the proper containers when they are again available.
   In the meantiime, please be assured that the content is still our genuine, 100% VT Maple Syrup
   Thank you for your understanding.

The Vermont Maple Sugar Makers' Association and  Vermont Maple Foundation provides the following definitions as a guideline.

  -  (Compares well to the former Medium Amber)
  • Amber color and rich flavor.
  • Seems to be the most popular for all around use. 
  • A good choice for gifts.


DARK  WITH  ROBUST  TASTE (Compares well to the former Grade B)

  • Dark color and robust flavor.
  • Good for all around use. 
  • It's hardy flavor is a great choice for all kinds of recipes.


VERY  DARK  WITH  STRONG  TASTE (Even darker than Grade B)

  • Very dark color with strong flavor
  • It's perfect for cooking.
  • Makes Vermont baked beans, breads, and cookies especially tasty.

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